The Covcas Center for Law and Conflict Resolution (hereafter Covcas Center) was established in 1991. Covcas Center was an NGO with offices in Geneva, Moscow and Washington, DC. Covcas Center focused on human rights developments in the Caucasus republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In particular, Covcas Center examined the link between nationalities-conflicts, human rights abuses, and armed conflicts. Covcas Center is engaged in the development of conflict resolution mechanisms and the promotion of law as a tool of conflict resolution. To this end, Covcas Center promoted the building of democratic institutions in the region through consultations and the organization of seminars as well as work shops to encourage respect for human rights and the rule of law. Covcas Center also documented human rights conditions in the region.

Since November 1991 the Covcas Center published “Covcas bulletin : Nationalities-Conflicts & Human rights in the Caucasus” (approximately 25 issues per year) which provided information about nationalities conflicts in the Caucasus republics of the CIS and human rights consequences of those conflicts. It was edited by Hrair Balian, the executive director of the Covcas Center.

Later, the “Covcas bulletin” was edited by Hilda Tchoboian, chairperson of the Covcas Center.

The editor of the “Covcas bulletin” website is Alis Abroyian.


11 June 2001 – L’action du “Covcas Center for Law And Conflict Resolution”